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Palazzo Strozzi – one of the highlights of the city beyond the Uffizi

Palazzo Strozzi in Florence is one of the highlights of the city beyond the Uffizi. This palace hosts three major exhibitions every year, and is open all year with a café and an exhibition on the history of Palazzo Strozzi itself. This glorious palace was built destroying 15 surrounding buildings. Located between Piazza Strozzi and […]


Campervan Hire Driving in AU

If you are someone who has always dreamed of visiting Australia and are finally making your dream come true, you must be excited. It is a gorgeous place and making the decision to go on a road trip here in a campervan hire is a great one. As an American, you may be used to […]


5 Top-Rated Vacation Spots in USA You Must Visit

Travelling to USA is a supersized adventure for most people as the country offers visit to some of the most amazing natural wonders, legendary highways, national parks, entertainment venues,  historic landmarks, and more. If you are planning a vacation with your friends and family, and each one of you has a different travel interest, you […]