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7 Things You Learn When You Travel Alone

Your best friend invites you on a stupendously amazing international holiday. You readily agree and quickly your mind begins to imagine the two of you exploring some amazing destination, sharing every moment. They then tell you that their friends Adrian and Liam are coming too! You’re going as a group! Hurrah! Except for the fact […]


The Wonderful Places to Visit in Bandung

Bandung has been one of the most popular cities in Indonesia that can offer you so many various wonderful places to visit. All of them will be the great places that can make your vacation in the city become so much more amazing. So then, you will find that your vacation in Bandung can be […]


Big Data Analytics Play a Major Role in Modern Hotel Hospitality These Days

It’s fair to say, not all hotel guests equal in the eyes of hotel management. Some guests book a hotel room for a one night’s stay to attend a business meeting, and they might never come back to that hotel again. Those guests are nice to have, and most of them have their own expectations, […]


All You Need to Know About Shinto Shrines

Shinto Shrines are popular tourist destinations in Japan. Although they are primarily designed to be a place of worship, over time, the shrines started attracting visitors who want to explore Japan’s culture and religion. There are an estimated number of 100,000 shrines in Japan today and over 40 are considered as national treasures. An Overview […]


Always Keep in Mind These Seven Questions Before Book a Hotel

When making hotel reservations, few  persons  influence to crowd  and overlook conditions that can improve, or delay their holiday or business idea. Most people lack the experience to know the right questions to ask before booking their vacation home. Whether you are traveling with group or your family or solo. You always ask yourself these […]