Theacoustic ceiling also refers to a dropped ceiling. It is a secondary type of overhead inner surface that encloses the upper limits of the room. It covers the underside of the roof. In hotels, the acoustic ceiling is decorated to attract visitors who check in for various reasons. It improves the functionality of the hotels when installed by well experienced acoustic solution providers likeFadeceilings.

The following are the top fivemajor benefits of the acoustic ceiling in modern day hotels.

  • Provides easy access to fittings such as cables, pipes and many others.

One of the major reasons for having an acoustic ceiling is to coverexposed mechanical structures such as cables and pipes. The acoustic ceiling is flexible, hence, it provides easy access to enclosed wires and pipes when repair needs arise. They are flexible owing to the fact that the panels easily slideout when entering the ceiling and can be put back to its original place in a tidy way after the repairs.

  • Theyare easy to install in a hotel room.

The nature of the hotel business requires minimal disruption to its guests.Professionals can quickly install acoustic ceiling, thus bringing business back to normal operations within a short period of time.

The acoustic materials used in construction are affordable and durable.  This also ensures that all rooms in the hotel are free from moisture at all times. Thus, the pieces of luggage of the guests are always dry. Even those who just deposit their bags and luggage for the day with Luggagehero-certified hotels areassured that these are kept dry.

  • They provide resistance to moisture and mold.

Most hotels that operate in high humid areas prefer to use acoustic ceilings because they offer resistance to moisture, bacteria, mold, and sagging. Bacteria are dangerous and should be eliminated because they may cause diseases to the hotel guests.

The ceilings are coated with antimicrobial treatments which thwart bacteria and mold from blossoming. They make hotels located in humid surroundings look hygienic and attractive to their visitors and guests.

  • They are fireproof.

The acoustic ceiling provides formidable defense in case of fire emergency. They provide protection against harmful heat radiation up to a maximum period of one hour. This offers an opportunity for visitors who may be staying in hotel rooms to evacuate before emergency services arrive. In addition to enhancing fire protection, they provide room for the fittings of fire protection equipment, thus preventing the spread of fire that can damage the hotel structures.

  • They are soundproof and energy efficient.

They are efficient in thwarting excessive sound that may cause damage to ears. Acoustic ceilingsprevent noise pollution emanating from the floors above. When properly installed by qualified professionals they prevent extra sound pollution.

Acoustic ceiling lowers the ceiling height of your hotel room which provides incredible insulation against energy loss. This reduces energy bills since there is little space to heat up. In addition, white acoustic ceilings offer exceptional reflective surface which gives the room a brighter look.

Acoustic ceilings keep the hotel reception and all its other rooms tidy all the time making them attractive to visitors. All you have to do as a hotel owner is to carefully consider and correctly select the style, color, and finish that will match the room perfectly. They provide a perfect and long-lasting solution to unsightly pipes and plumbing systems that may destroy the appearance of the room and put off visitors and guests.