Life is short to do and see everything there is on this planet. The human’s civilization around the planet left so much for us to see and enjoy that’s impossible to go everywhere during our lifetime. Here are our five choices based on culture, tradition, and beauty.

1. France

With almost 100 millions of tourists per year, France is the most visited country in the World. For the full list, please click here. So many tourists in France is not an accident, it has so much to offer. Most of the tourists go to Paris, the city of light, where the Eifel tower is one of the most visited monuments in the world.

The south is where the Riviera is and in the middle, you can enjoy some of the best wine in the world and eat the adorable French cheese and bread. France is also a country with a lot of history behind. The Crusaders and the knights that used to rule Europe all walked on these lands. Built some amazing castles that is an absolute must see for every tourist.

2. Greece

The arc of modern civilization lays in the southern Balkan in the land we today know as Greece. The ancient poleis were the places where democracy first arise. With the later conquering of Alexander the Great and the Macedonian empire, the Greek culture expanded throughout the known world of the time.

Today, Greece is a fabulous combination of touristic land with amazing beaches and glorious hotels along with old archeological monuments that can be found on every corner around the country. Visiting Athens is a must for every person that appreciates their contribution to making the world a better place to live in.

Also, Greece is a land where polytheism used to be very popular and temples to Greek Gods can be found everywhere. This must be a part of your traveling plans once in your lifetime.

3. Italy

What Greeks did with politics and culture, the ancient Romans raised to a level of perfection. The best years of the Roman empire produced cities that were more developed then, than a lot of populated parts in the world today.

Italy is the successor of the Romans but the tradition and the archeology is not the only thing that’s important in this great country. The food, the style, and the way of living make Italy one of the most exciting lands in the world.

Spending time in the Italian villages, enjoying the fine cuisine and drinking beautiful wine will surely remind you how rich Romans used to live back in the day.

4. Japan

Almost 30 million people visit Japan each year. Why? To see the land of the samurais, geishas, temples, but also to see a wild tree blossom. The blossoming of the cherry in April is something that the Japanese people celebrate for centuries.

Japan is an incredible mix of traditional and modern. There’s an unbelievable difference between visiting Tokyo and Kyoto, for example. The first one looks like a city of the future and the second one is a true example of what Japan traditional culture means.

Visiting Japan is without a professional guide is impossible, however. It’s wise to look for the best Japan vacation tour packages online and organize your trip before you go there. There are so many things to see, it better if you’re prepared.

5. China

China is so big. So incredibly big. When we say China it’s like we’re saying to visit half of the world. This is a country with almost 1.4 billion people. Imagine how many cultures there are. China had its own civilization and organized society probably before anyone else on this planet.

On this enormous land, there are some things you mustn’t miss. The Great Wall of China is one of the few things visible from space made by human hand. The wall was built by several Chinese emperors to protect their kingdom from the Mongol attacks.

Also, don’t forget the Forbidden City in Beijing which is now a museum and where you can learn so much about the Chinese past and the ruling dynasties. Then head over to some of the most amazing temples in the world dating as far as 68 AD. That’s a long time ago.