One of the best places in which to plan a holiday is Norfolk Island off of Australia. Although small in size, the island comes with plenty to do and sights to see. The green rolling hills of the isle and its lagoon-fringed shore lead visitors to such sites as rock pools and to plants in the form of stately Norfolk Island pines. In fact, the island is home to about 60 plant species that are not found anywhere else in the world. It also boasts the world’s tallest tree fern.

Some of the Natural Scenery

The true owners of the island are its avian population. You can see such birds as the white tern and green parrot. Bird species have been brought back from extinction by islanders who practice conservation and care. Although the small isle is only 35 kilometres in size, the protected part of the landscape, the National Park, spans over five square kilometres and offers guests over eight kilometres of scenic walking trails. Guests also like to visit the island’s botanical gardens and designated barbecue and picnic spots.

 A Continued Source of Re-Connection

When you look at the island landscape, you can only describe it as charming and serene. The island’s clean air and pristine views are refreshing and relaxing. That’s because the island moves to its own special rhythm. The natural world flourishes here, providing a continued source of re-connection for anyone who wants to get away from the stress of everyday living.

A Cultural and Historic Spot

You can learn more about Norfolk Island by visiting such sites as Whether you fly or sail into Norfolk Island, you will immediately recognise the area’s lush rolling hills and turquoise waters. From the air, you will find that the island seems like a small rise in the surrounding waters. Therefore, it is almost surreal to realise that the island also holds much in the way of culture and history.

Kingston, the Capital

All four of the island’s settlements centre around its historic capital called Kingston, named after Lieutenant Phillip Gidley King who transformed the island into a sister colony for the fledgling community of the First Fleet.

The First Settlers and Inhabitants

In the year 1788, a small number of settlers arrived on board a ship called the HMS Supply. At that time, the island was uninhabited. Several decades later, the island would serve as a penal colony for convicts.

A Unique and Interesting Past

In 1865, the last wave of settlers came on shore. The current custodians of the isle are descended from Polynesian peoples who sailed in a stolen ship, the HMS Bounty, to Pitcairn and then watched the vessel burn into the sea. Needless to say, the many layers that make up the history of Norfolk turn its heritage into a unique and interesting story.

A Fascinating Place to Visit on Many Levels

Needless to say, you will find Norfolk a fascinating place to visit historically, culturally, and environmentally. You will want to include it on your bucket list or this year’s travel itinerary.