Best place in the Middle East to choose for visiting during the December and April is Israel. Yes, the best time to visit Israel to treat you with all possible entertainment. The place is fantastic for the biking fanatic when spring begins, and you can ride to as many places on your bike. If you want to enjoy the serenity of the Dead Sea, then the colder month will be the best bet. June to August for apparent reasons Israel will become crowded due to vacation across places around the globe. Off season in September should be your choice when you want to enjoy the calmness.

Top Things To Do In Israel

Irrespective of the best time to visit Israel you have four things to do in Israel. Depending on the weather, your choice, and health you can opt to do them and have fun.

Saltiest Journey

When salt is your taste, then you must not miss paddling, rolling, and floating in the Dead Sea. Performing these activities in the salt water is not only fun on your vacation, but also a fitness workout. Yes, you can breathe fresh air to cleanse your lungs. Salt water will work wonder on your skin to make you feel rejuvenated. Get along with friends to make it more competitive. You must remember for a spa treatment in seawater during the milder month as during summer the heat would be unbearable in Israel.

Desert Biking  

Biking is an adventure sport and what can be better to roam around in the desert other than biking. You spend time with green valleys and pine forest on your way biking to Eliat from Jerusalem. Cycling has gained importance in the recent years and one can all the fun riding on the cycle. The ideal time to ride the bike would be between October and April.


In the Eliat city, you can listen to the humming of thousands of birds and watch them fly across. March to May, and again September to December are the ideal times to watch the birds flying high in the sky. The Hula Valley National Park offers a great treat to the viewer’s eyes.

Cyclamens Blooming Beauty

The carpet welcome offered by the cyclamens flower gives a warm feeling in the winter. The fairy-tale flower cyclamens also called Solomon’s fire.  They come in colors of different shades and makes the place filled with a mild fragrance.

Visit Israel to enjoy this scenic beauty.