The E-3 Visa is a working visa that is for those Australian citizens to work in the United States for 2-year period and is renewable indefinitely. There is currently a push for an E-3 type Visa for South Korean and Irish citizens; however that is still in the pending stage. E-3 visas are very much like the features of the Visa H-1B but with some bigchanges that are important to know. There are variances around length, renewal, spousal working ability as well as dual intent with Permanent Residency.


There are many in depth articles from the Visa Coach concerning the different features of the E3 visa experience that can help you better understand.

Jobs available?

Are there jobs available? The answer to this question is almost one of those where the Short Answer is NO but the Long Answer is YES! Millions of individuals are being laid off in the United States at this time across all industries, in companies that are large and small and in all parts of the country. This includes workers who are foreign just as much as United States workers. The difference is that legally with both the H1B as well as E3 Visa you can not be out of work for more than 10 days before officially your status becomes invalid. And despite you paying Social Security taxes, you are not entitled for benefits such as unemployment

What this means

This means that for a new person who desires to come to the United States to work and is looking for work, the challenge of finding a job is slightly harder since fewer jobs are available, at those companies that are willing to hire foreign employees. Companies are cutting back on all extra expenses and often that can mean legal expenses that are linked with employing foreign residents.

Underlying reason

The reasonspersist that there are companies wanting to hire foreigner workers and while there may be fewer jobs generally available, in relationship to the number of Visas available, there are still a few openings. That is all the more reason that when you apply you will need to state your case all the more as to why you would be a valuable asset at this time and why they need to sponsor your United States Visa whether it be, L1, J1, H1B, E3 or H2B.