Did you know that Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges soar highest during the holiday season? DWI arrests are very prevalent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. It often results in a high number of accidents, damages, injuries, and fatalities not just among drunk drivers but their passengers and passersby too. Drunk driving during the winter season when the roads are slippery, and snow can get heavy is not the right combination. It is these times when you are prone to many different kinds of accidents.

Although Texas DWI first offense penalties are not heavy, getting a criminal record is not a good Christmas present for you. It could give you different problems and stresses. However, the fact is, there are too many winter celebrations and holiday parties that most of the time drinking is inevitable. The best thing you can do is practice caution and discipline on yourself whenever you drink. Here are some simple things you can do to avoid holiday accidents and arrests.

Do Not Drink and Drive

The first tip we can give you is do not drink and drive. Although it is basic, most car owners do not practice it. Remember, even when you check that you are still within the legal limit, alcohol intake may cause different kinds of impairments that affect your decision-making and motor skills. Additionally, staying within the legal limit is not a reason for you not to get arrested. Driving under the influence is enough to get you arrested.

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Smart Drinking Makes a Difference

Your drinking habits are essential every time you drink. Drinking smart can save you from a lot of trouble whether you are planning to drive or not. So before drinking, make sure to eat a decent meal. Alcohol absorption can get delayed when you are consuming food. Food intake allows slower alcohol absorption, thus preventing you from getting drunk too soon.

Use a Taxi Service

It doesn’t matter whether you live near or far from the party. Accidents can still happen anytime when you are under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to use a cab or ride with someone who hasn’t been drinking.

Have a Reliable Co-Driver

Never drive long distances when you have alcohol in your system. It is best not to drive at all. If you are visiting, you can choose to stay with a friend or relative, or you can spend the night at the hotel and drive in the morning when you sober up. Furthermore, plan your trip ahead and as much as possible, have a trusty co-driver who doesn’t drink. If everyone in your group has had some alcohol in their bodies, try to sober up first before hitting the road.

Do Not Rely on the One Drink an Hour Rule

The one drink an hour rule is not applicable to anyone. Each has their bodily reaction to alcohol intake. What might be useful for one is not adequate for you? The best choice you can do is to learn how your body reacts to alcohol intake and know your limits for certain drinks so you can steer away from over-consumption.

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