Are you deciding to go on a vacation? Dubai might be the best choice as there are many things you can do. You can go shopping in enormous and fancy shopping malls.  You can relax on the peaceful beaches. For people that love food and nature, yachting the best activity. You can have a moment to cherish later in your life.

Let’s take a look at the list of yachts rental Dubai deals.

Rental Deals

Here are yacht rental Dubai deals.

With the wide range of yachts, you can choose any yacht that suits you the best. The fleets includes 33ft to 62ft yachts that can be rented to tour of the magnificent Arabian Sea. The deals includes food, drinks and entertainment as well.

As the size of the yacht increase the number of services increases as well. The 33ft yacht is perfect for having a small gathering with almost 8 people on board. We offer refreshments and drinks along with a crew member and a captain. This yacht is best to rent that provides you comfort and privacy.

Another yacht that provides you the best yacht experience is the 42ft yacht. This yacht makes you feel at home. If you want to have a formal party while out in the sea you can rent this yacht. It has the capacity of having 10 people on board.

Apart from this, the yacht has a swimming pool, 2 bedrooms and a kitchen. BBQ service can also be availed that includes drinks, tea and coffee.

The 62ft Yacht is fully furnished yacht with kitchen. It is an ideal choice as it has a spacious dining lounge with AC. The yacht can accommodate 25 guests.

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Dhow Cruise Marina

Dhow Cruise Marina is one of the best ways to spend your time. You can have a great dining experience at the Dhow Cruise. With the best services you can visit your dream world. The dinner includes the luscious dinner, soft music and with glimpse of illuminated skyscrapers.

There are many deals provided by the Dubai Dhow cruise Marina. The starting price of a ticket is AED 160. But if you are a group you can take advantage of discounted price. The deals includes:

  • AED 160 per person for a group of 1-15 persons
  • AED 155 per person for a group of 16-30 persons
  • AED 150 per person for a group of 31-99 persons
  • AED 140 per person for a group of 100+ persons

Visit Dubai for vacation and have a great sea travel experience. For booking visit website.