Trekking happens to be one of the most attractive forms of adventure that takes one through a whole new world of experience. Trekking is a challenging task that requires good amount of strength, endurance and will power. The best thing about trekking is that one will notice a huge difference in their personality, perspectives and will be drawn more closely to nature. It helps people explore new destinations with different kind of landscape. Trekking activities in India is quite popular and there are many interesting trekking spots to explore that are pristine and beautiful.

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Chadar Frozen River Trek

Amongst the many stunning trekking spots in India, Chadar Frozen River takes a predominant spot. Located in Leh region of Jammu and Kashmir, this particular trekking path is simply amazing. One would have to trek on the frozen path alongside the breathtakingly beautiful Chadar River alongside a serene mountain backdrop. It is a dream like trekking experience that would rekindle the best in an individual and makes them feel perfect inside out.

The best expedition

Chadar Trek Expedition is a 9 day trekking plan that is best to be taken during the month of January to February. Though the place is splendidly beautiful, the weather condition turns out to be tough and challenging. It has a deserted kind of surrounding and it is tough to keep it up for long. This is exactly why this place is chosen by many people from India and abroad as it comes across as the best and most challenging kind of trekking destinations that people would love to explore and experience.

The trek starts from Leh and extends to the region of Chilling which is followed by the great hike to Tilad Do which happens to be the beginning of Chadar Trek. The next course of the path would lead to the Gyalpo, Div Cave and Naerak village. This path is extremely beautiful and mind-blowing. The wonderful, picturesque location is something that one definitely does not want to miss out.

What you need?

Make sure that the luggage is minimum, comprising of the basic things. It would be quite difficult to carry it all throughout the trekking period. There are some trekking facilities that offer porter to carry the luggage and one can choose over the service if they find it difficult to carry it themselves. In order to have a safe trekking experience one should keep all safety equipments, medical kits and oxygen cylinders ready. The trekkers would provide for the trekking tents, sleeping bags and other basic amenities.

Perfect assistance

Experienced and professional trekking facilitators offer the trekkers with complete assistance. Food, accommodation, trekking and safety equipments would be taken care of. Make sure to choose over a trekking package that includes permit charges, camping charges and professional trekking guidance assistance charges.

Overall, the Chadar Frozen River trek happens to be one of the best treks in India that is sure to fill up one with beautiful memories and also provides one with the path for gaining a healthier lifestyle.