Delhi has so many amazing places to visit for the traveller and with so much to see, very little does get explored. So here we are bringing you this awesome list of Cool Places in Delhi You Never Knew Were There! So hop on a bike and get exploring – and don’t worry about not having a ride, just head on over to and choose from over 4500+ of all your favourite bikes! Let’s get started then.

Satpula Bridge

Malviya Nagar, New Delhi

The word Satpula translates to seven bridges, and yes you guessed it, this place has seven awesome bridges to check out. It can be found lying peacefully near the Khirki Masjid. Known for its historical significance, Satpula Bridge makes for a great spot to explore.

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Sanjay Van

VasantKunj, New Delhi

Linked to various ghost stories across Delhi, Sajay Van is a jungle sprawled across more than 750 acres. Hardly explored, it is slowly rising to be a place welcomed by local joggers and runners. Think you got what it takes? Head on over to Sanjay Van!

Bhardwaj Lake of Asola

Asola, New Delhi

Bhardwaj Lake of Asola is a great place to spend the day at. Taken care of by the Delhi Wildlife Department, you can find this place in Faridabad. For swimming and various other water activities, Bhardwaj Lake is a great place to be in.

Chunnamal Haveli

Katra Neel, New Delhi

Chunnamal Haveli stands right next to the main road and yet is hardly noticed. It has been preserved and kept the way it is since days long gone by and should definitely be visited to reconnect with the past.

JamaliKamali Mosque and Tomb

Mehrauli, New Delhi

JamaliKamali are the names of a mosque and a tomb respectively. An interesting story, it revolves around a Sufi Saint Jamali and a common man Kamali being buried next to each other and thus the name.

Adham Khan’s Tomb

Mehrauli, New Delhi

Dating all the way back to the 16th century, the Tomb of Adham Khan belongs to one of the famous generals of the Mughal ruler Akbar and also showcases brilliant Mughal architecture. The place falls under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Jahaz Mahal Fort

Mehrauli, New Delhi

Built by the Mughals during the early 16th century, the Jahaz Mahal Fort takes its name from the fact that its shadow creates the shape of a ship sailing. This seems to be the most known out of all the Mehrauli Monuments mentioned above. Falling on the North-Eastern side of Delhi, it is easy to rent a bike online in Delhi and head on over to visit the Fort.

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Tughlaqabad Fort

Tughlaqabad, New Delhi

Another historical site made by the Mughals that is now left in ruins; beautiful ruins to be exact. Tughlaqabad makes up for a great place to go and chill and spend the day at, be it a family picnic or just with friends – it does both well.

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