Many people think of the city as the place to shop and trade goods easily. But that’s not what the city offers to us! Dubai is also becoming a place to have an amazing tour during vacations. This newer side of Dubai is being experienced by a lot of tourists around the globe. Especially by people who love to enjoy ancient traditions and beauty of nature.

So what is there to enjoy in the city? Well, there are a lot of places, but the one which gains attention is the Desert Safari. This is the tour which takes place both in the morning and in the evening. Regardless of the time, the tour offers picturesque moments to capture during holidays. You will be provided opportunities to enjoy the tour with different activities in the ocean sand. You can book the tour at any near company and start packing for one of the best tours. But if you take the services from our company, you are going to experience the best Desert Safari ever!

Features of Our Desert Safari Tour

We offer Desert Safari Dubai at different times of the day with promising experience you will never forget.  When dealing with you can place the order online, and we will contact you for the confirmation. After that, you just need to start your preparation. Get ready to experience one of the best desert tours of your life.

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Our drivers will be sent to you for pickup on the specified date and time of the tour. Also, we will ask our drivers to drop you back at home after the tour completes. We have professional drivers having good experience about the deserts. They will guide you through the whole tour and help you enjoy the beauty of nature. You will be taken on an awesome ride towards the destination of the tour. The ride itself offers an unforgettable experience in life. You will have a lot of opportunities to capture dune bashing moments of the desert. Especially during the time of Sunset and Sunrise, you will be advised to stop and experience the beauty yourself.

Benefits of the Desert Safari

We offer the desert safari in Dubai with competitive benefits like henna painting on hands and feet. Along with that, you will enjoy the ride of camel and sand bike in the sea of sand. Camel ride would prove to be the best one in your life, and you won’t’ forget that experience.  You may already have heard that Camels are the ships of the desert. Now you can experience their speed in the sea of sand like a ship in the real ocean.

After enjoying the whole your, you will be presented with some delicious meals for dinner. We offer both Bar B.Q. and vegetarian dishes so that every type of person could enjoy. There will be a beautiful performance of belly dance for you to enjoy their culture further. You would experience the beautiful life of ancient Arabians sitting around the campfire of the tour. When the whole tour comes to an end, our drivers will politely take you back to the hotel. Now, what are you waiting for? Check out our services now