If you arrive in Yogyakarta through the night, be sure not to waste your time to hurry to bed in the hotel. That’s because Yogyakarta never sleeps through the evening. Here is the best nightlife in Yogyakarta which you’ll never find through the day.

  1. Posing in the most iconic place in Yogyakarta called Tugu Jogja

The one thing you must do when visiting Jogja is taking some images in Tugu Jogja. Tugu Jogja, which is painted white with gold sheets, looks excellent at the intersection of Jl. AM. Sangaji, Jalan Diponegoro, Jalan Sudirman, and Jalan Margo Utomo (P. Mangkubumi). Tugu Jogja is on the line between Mount Merapi and the Palace, which makes it the heart of a city.

If you consider Tugu Jogja to be regular, wait till nightfall. Decorated with city lights, Tugu Jogja looks so magical. It’s so fascinated, that is the reason why many people were willing to wait until the roads were rather silent for taking photos with Tugu Jogja through the evening.

  1. Hanging out in KM 0 Yogyakarta

You definitely know that the Zero Kilometer or KM Nol region is having several Dutch heritage buildings called loji. You should make an effort to come here during the night as if you had been invited to go to the past through older buildings which are maintained until now. The yellowish glow of mercury lamps adds an impression to this particular place.

The KM Zero place is a favorite place for youths in Jogja to hang outside or express themselves with their community. You can see artists and communities bringing visitors’ attention by using their attractions. Some of them imitated bronze figurines, dressed as ghosts, and danced.

  1. Appreciating some culinary and rides on Pasar Malam Sekaten

From the Zero Kilometer point, you may walk to the south and find the north sq (Alun-Alun Utara) of Yogyakarta. Every year before the commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, the northern sq is among the centers of pleasure in Jogja through the nighttime. This is the point where the Sekaten night market is held.

You’ll find an assortment of entertaining and cheap games, such as kora-kora, Ferris wheel, Banyu waves, and ghost houses. There are also snacks and shops that sell used clothing. The atmosphere was boisterous with the playing of dangdut songs on several rides.