Are you ready to explore the incredible scenery which includes all the natural beauties? Then you must consider visiting North East Vietnam. With a large number of beautiful attractions, North East Vietnam has something for everyone regardless what is his age or gender. The beautiful beaches, the limestone rocks in the Halong Bay, the lush green rice terraces, attractive wildlife, the ancient temples and above all, the ethnic diversity will give you the feeling like you have reached another world.


The stunning beauty and awe-inspiring nature of Vietnam is going to make you forget about the daily life worries and enjoy the best places of the world. The ethnic culture will not only let you have idea that how the people live in the region, but it will also give you a chance to know, learn and get involved in different types of culture. There are mainly 5-6 ethnic groups which exist in majority, whereas some others are counted among the minority groups. Many of the minority groups live on the seaside for earning their livelihood, while others are dependent on farming. However, it is not hard to differentiate these ethnic groups as they speak different language, specialize in particular type of cuisines and even, their costumes are different. We are sure that you are going to love their culture.

Moreover, you will have a lot to do in your 12 days trip to North East Vietnam. You can discover the Hanoi by wandering around its streets and experiencing the rushed daily life. Cycling in the Duong Lam Village is really entertaining. Climbing the rocks and kayaking throughout the Vast Halong Bay where you can visit different islands and can see the aquatic life,is really an unmatchable experience that you won’t get anywhere else. Other amazing activities include kayaking on the Halong bay, trekking through the Mai Chau’s valley and villages, enjoyable exploration of the Ba Be Lake, enjoying the stunning view of Ban Gioc Waterfall and much more.

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