Portugal is a country of natural wonders with Southern European architectural influences that was once the “Ocean Capital of the Western World”. It still has its Renaissance and Gothic glamour with the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, the Pena National Palace, and the monuments at the Sintra Mountains, which were classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

You can also hire the car rental service at Lisbon Airport to observe the scenic view of the Atlantic Coast with the Cascais bay. The classic medieval terracotta designed roofs of the houses will be a pristine view to remember. Lisbon has its influences of varied cuisines along with the traditional Portuguese cuisine with the classic dishes and their modern adaptations. This makes it easier for you to explore the city’s finest gourmet hotspots.


The capital of Portugal contains some of the world’s top ranked restaurants that feature spectacular cuisines at reasonable prices. Anyone who is not familiar with the food places can hire a car to help them guide through the best restaurants in the city. If you are looking for delicious breakfast meals, you can go for the city’s renowned custard tarts, traditional pastries, mini burgers, Portuguese sausages, and pasta at the Portas do Solthat includes a fabulous view of the terrace under the morning sun.


You would also want to visit the Mercado da Ribeira, which is the biggest food court that sells regional specialties, including custard tarts, sheep’s cheese, sardines, chocolates, and plates of ham that would fill up your breakfast list. They offer easy meals that are worth trying for breakfast because they are tasty and nourishing. The stand out Belcanto is a must visit restaurant with its amazing décor and taster menus. It has the sophisticated typical Potuguese cuisine that contains rich flavors, complimentary surprises, fabulous appetizers that combines with the best wine that will make you full for the lunch.

The lunch menu at Tabik makes it one of the finest restaurants, which has cherished eatery list that includes the juicy strips of black pork, tomato salad with braised feta cheese, sweet potato puree, and the wine that excels in its own flavors. For a memorable dinner night, the Rio Maravilha has a scenic view of the river from the top floor with its fashionable décor. This place has great live music to enjoy. They combine flavors of grilled pork shoulder steak, parmesan farofa, cream cheese, and excellent cocktails.


The city’s culinary highlights are reflected through Taberna da Rua das Flores’ traditional recipes which contains the salted cod served with boiled egg and chick peas, marinated liver, good cheese and other tinned delicacies that could be ordered for a takeaway dinner.

You would never regret trying the taste of the traditional and adapted Portuguese cuisine in Lisbon. The city has unforgettable and diversified taste of foods, which makes it the haven for food lovers. Once you have the proper assistance through the car rental service, you can go just about anywhere and try the varied flavors of the beans, potatoes, corn breads, codfish, sardines, salads, meat, and sausages at widely spread restaurants which leaves you no excuse for eating poorly while you’re on trip to Lisbon.