The Fethiye area of Turkey is a little piece of paradise on earth. She is located on the Eastern side of Europe.When visiting, it might take you about 12 hours travelling by bus from Istanbul to arrive in Fethiye. This town is one of the few towns whose economy is driven mainly by tourism. Nature, culture and artistic tourism trade highly in Fethiye.  In this article, we dig deep to explore the beauty of this pearl in Turkey.

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Several tourists flock the city yearly to check on the warm beaches, the historic and cultural sites or even the geographical formations. A quick examination of the locals upon arrival confirms that most of the natives were warm and hospitable English speakers.

Ideally, the vast area of the city offers several spots that you can frequent to have a rest on the warm beaches. Then again, because of the availability of options to explore within the city, you might love to adventure into the woods or sail through the clouds for more holiday fun. Below are some of the areas that you need to check out when visiting Fethiye.

1.     Fethiye City

Fethiye is the main city in the area. Even though it attracts a huge influx of tourists yearly, the city has managed to retain its looks and simplicity. It houses a huge dominance of the Turkish culture. The Fethiye dwellers are few and welcoming.

The main social place of the little city is at the main mosque and at the old town area of the city (that retains the good old Ottoman charm). The city houses weekly market days that attracts crowds into its confinements to shop, grab a cup of cay, Turkish tea and to enjoy the epic scenes of the Fethiye harbor. If you would love to adventure into the nearby tourism villages, Oludeniz is likely to become your choicest place.

2.     Oludeniz

Oludeniz is a Turkish translation for the “dead sea.” The area was named so because it enjoys calm waters right through the year. The little town is accessible from Fethiye in about 15 minutes through the Dolmus. The streets of the town are covered by hotels, bars, and shops. Such businesses are ideal to lodge after a tiresome day at work or in adventure. But for the real fun of the day, you need to wander off into the woods a little bit.

If you wander deep into the Oludeniz, you will meet the farmer villages, the Cabak, and the hippy retreats of Faralya as you cross through the scenic Butterfly Valley gorge. The area is only accessible through the turquoise sea.

The little villages stand in stark contrast to the developed and bustle-filled Fethiye. Oludeniz offers you a simple time-travel that can help you to comprehend how the old Turkey town seemed long before the growth of the tourism industry in the area.

3.     Hisaronu

This small town on the mountain is often preferred by seasoned tourists to Fethiye. It takes after Oludeniz but it has built its reputation for being the quieter town when comparing between the two destinations. Most natives of Fethiye cherish this little town.

For first timers to Hisaronu, the crowded streets of the beach are an ideal place to spend your day. And when the sun sets, you might want to make your way up the hill to have a rest in the hotels of the town. Hisaronu is also reputable for offering mouthwatering Turkish meals. Thus, a visit to Hisaronu should never end without checking out a local dish; it’s worth every cent.

4.     The Kayakoy

Riding through the mountains above Hisaronu introduces you to the Kayakoy with its ghost village. The Kayakoy has quite an interesting history behind its existence.

Its original name was Lebessos and was later changed to Livissi. It was a village of the Anatolian Greeks but was under the control of the Ottomans until 1922. At the break of the Greco-Turkish war of the 20th century, most dwellers were either killed or exiled. The few that survived fled to Greece. Currently, the ruins of the war have been preserved in a museum that you can pay a visit and explore the history of a “ghost village.”

Besides the museum, The Kayakoy also has vast areas that you might consider adventuring or hiking with family and friends while checking on the abandoned buildings.

Other Activities

Besides touring new places, there are other activities that might fancy undertaking on your visit to Fethiye. These are:

Paragliding: while resting on the beaches, you are likely to notice the brave and the curious paragliding on the air. Now, the mountainous scenes of the town coupled with a rugged terrain and a burst of human activities is never exciting to view as it will become when you shoot your photos from a few miles above the ground. Of course the gliding experience is costly, but if you got a few bucks to spend, paragliding will offer you the fun you need.

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Exploration and boat riding: This area has several areas to visit. Of course, a good idea could be to enjoy some hiking experience. A better alternative is using automobilesto visit the areas. But the choicest could be to sail through the region with a boat. The thrilling experience is likely to awaken your adrenaline.