There’s nothing quite like a holiday, and nothing quite like a bike ride – so why not put the two of them together for a truly unforgettable experience? Bicycling through the English countryside truly is an experience in itself, and one which is growing all the more accessible, affordable, and popular at that.

And it isn’t hard to discover why. After all, what better place to bike than through a patch of beautiful rolling green – and while “those feet in ancient time, Walk[ed] upon England’s mountains green,” today UK cycling holidays are all the rage!

Whether you’re a tourist looking to see the best and most beautiful of the Sceptered Isle or just a Briton looking to get the leg out on holiday, the following are a few places you’ll want to visit on a cycling holiday across the UK.

The Lake District

For those looking for a true literary treat, a bike tour of through the Lake District is like cycling through some of the most beautiful and enduring scenes in English literature itself. It was here that William Wordsworth really did “wander lonely as a cloud” whilst he wrote about it and composed so many of his other great Romantic masterpieces. It’s here that Lizzy Bennet believes she and her family are set to go away on holiday – and is quite disappointed when they don’t. (Derbyshire and Darcy’ll just have to do!) It’s also here that Beatrix Potter set so many of her beloved children’s stories.

“The Lake Poets” are among some of England’s best and most quoted, and so many of Britain’s greatest and most enduring authors – from Samuel Taylor Coleridge to Alfred Lord Tennyson, Percy Bysshe Shelley to Sir Walter Scott, John Keats to John Ruskin – the Lake District’s stunning green pastures and Romantic rolling lakes were inspirations. Book a cycling tour today and feel the Romantic rush so deeply embedded in the region for yourself!

Hadrian’s Wall

Orson Welles, on discussing his take on Falstaff in Chimes at Midnight, once remarked that part of the quintessential English ethos of which Falstaff is emblematic is the idea of a romanticised, “older” England. Well, it doesn’t come too much older than the historical sites around Hadrian’s Wall. Built while Britain was under the rule of the Roman emperor Hadrian, this wall is one of the great ancient sites in all of Britain, and a must-see for anyone looking to get just a glimpse of that oft-mythologised “older” England.

Cotswolds and Stratford

Chances are even if you aren’t from the UK you’ve probably heard of Stratford as that place where some guy named William Shakespeare was born. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK, seeing the place where the English language’s greatest author was born and raised really is a sight to behold. Whether you wish to match your fellow cyclists Measure for Measure or go As You Like It along this historic and still-bustling area, the Elizabethan-era sites around Stratford and Cotswolds really are A Midsummer Ride’s Dream!

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” and so too is a bike tour through the UK for book and bike lovers alike!