No trip to Montreal would be complete without at least one visit to a Ben et Florentine franchise au Quebec. Of course, after your first visit you might quickly come to find that one meal is just not enough.

Indeed, even just a quick glance at the menu might intrigue you enough to come back for breakfast at least one more time.  The good news is that this is a popular franchise in Canada so you could partake in the company’s world famous breakfast potatoes and applesauce all over Canada—and coffee or tea is included!

Ben Et Florentine Famous Benedicts

Every popular restaurant franchise reaches such notoriety based on a few very popular dishes that every fan of the company will likely have had at least once.  At Ben & Florentine, this “famous dish” is the Ben Et Florentine Benedict.  Eggs Benedict, of course, traditionally consists of poached eggs and grilled Canadian bacon mounted on a toasted English muffin and topped with Hollaindaise. Here, though, you could try one of many varieties:Image result for Have Breakfast At Ben & Florentine

    • Traditional (with bacon or ham)
    • Brie & Portabello
    • Crazy Meat (with bacon and ham and sausage)
    • Florentine (with spinach and cheddar)
    • Geneva (with ham, asparagus, and Swiss cheese)
    • The Avocado (with avocado and bacon)
    • The Lox (with smoked salmon, red onions, chives, and cream cheese)

The Three Egg Omelet

They could not be a successful and popular breakfast joint without at least a few classic 3-egg omelets. Well, Ben & Florentine’s omelet menu has more than a few:

    • Avocado & Spinach (with avocado, spinach, and swiss cheese)
    • Choicer Boucher (with bacon and ham and sausage and cheddar cheese)
    • Easter (with ham and dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and red onions)
    • Goat Cheese (with spinach, portobello mushroom, and goat cheese)
    • Montebello (with portobello mushroom and brie)
    • Portuguese (with chorizo and peppadew peppers, roasted red peppers, and mozzarella cheese)
    • Smoked Meat (with smoked meat and swiss cheese)
    • Swiss (with ham, asparagus, and swiss cheese)
    • Vegetarian (with asparagus, dried tomato, red onion, roasted red peppers, portobello mushroom, and cheddar cheese)


If you want something a little more simple, try one of these classics with a modern twist:

    • Authentic (with baked beans and bacon, greaves, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese)
    • Big Ben (with bacon and ham and sausage)
    • Classic (with bacon or ham or sausage or with baked beans and greaves or with fresh fruit and either tomatoes or potatoes)
    • Gourmandise (with bacon and sausage and a half waffle with almonds, chocolate chips, chocolate hazelnut, and white chocolate)
    • Ten out of Ten (with bacon, ham, sausage, baked beans and greaves, and your choice of waffle or French toast or pancake or crepe)
    • Twice Blue (with bacon and pancakes, with blueberries)
    • Two Eggs (with chocolate waffles or French toast or pancakes or crepes)