Rome is a fascinating city to be in. Its vast cultural heritage is exciting enough to give you a beautiful pretext to put it in your must-visit list. But, what could be the best way of enjoying the true essence of this city? Well, the secret lies in living like a local amongst locals. This definitely requires one thing – a knowledgeable tour guide.

Here is how a tour guide can help

  • Organize classroom consulting

Before you begin Rome Tours, it is better to have a guidebook comprising of general etiquette commonly displayed, pleasantries exchanged, procedure of hiring help, common phrases used for asking for directions to destinations and of course, reading of the city map. The more aware you are about the local life of Rome, the easier it will be for you to roam freely through the streets of this historical city of Europe.

  • Provide an overview of tourist sites

Though you might think it to be exciting to have the first look of the tourist sites without any prior knowledge, but at least know about the opening and closing time in advance. Also, you are able to appreciate any monument, or a building of historical important better, if you have absorbed the story behind it. This is exactly what the overview of tourist sites provides you.

  • Help you with transportation

Whether you want a full-time guide to stick with you throughout the tour or you just want someone to help you if you are stuck alone, you can make the choice for yourself. So, a tour guide can help you understand the transportation network of the city and also provide you with the contact details of the reliable car and taxi rentals if you want to hit the city on your own. They will also tell you about tipping systems so that you do not waste precious Euros unknowingly.

  • May help you with dress codes

Every city has an unspoken code of dressing and dealing with people. If you want to live like a local amongst Roman locals, you must know how they go out to shopping, how they choose to dress at the Church, etc. A tour guide can help you understand what all types of dresses you must pack for your Rome tour.

  • Best part of the day to visit the sites

Though there are opening and closing times of the sites, but visiting any place when you are most comfortable and least disturbed by the crowd is a trick that only a local tour guide can teach you. For example, if you want to enjoy crowd and have relaxing time, then visiting city’s square is best to visit in evening. Thus, tour guide can tell you how you can savor the best experience this city offers.

So, when you book your Rome tours online, do ask for the tour guide and mention your expectations. There are tour operators who are experts in providing customized tour guidance to the visitors exactly as per their needs.