Most of us could probably use a bit of a European getaway; honestly, who doesn’t?  A little change of scenery, a little change of pace can be a very good thing.  But if you don’t have the money or the time to whisk off across the pond—and who does, really?—you might find at least something a little similar at your local Euro-spa.  Yes, a full European vacation might be a little on the expensive side but you might be able to get more mileage out of your vacation budget if you know how to stretch your time off.


When you are planning a vacation it can be very easy to overextend yourself; after all, you want to get the most out of what few days away from work that you have.  This often results in booking too many reservations or visiting too many tourist traps or spending so many hours at the theme park that you might just be too exhausted at the end of the day to really enjoy it.  Image result for How To Really Enjoy Your Next Vacation?

And is that what you really want? More chaos?

No, instead of trying to do as much as possible on your vacation,. Consider instead making fewer commitments.  Find one or two valuable activities that will leave profound memories.


The stress of everyday life is hard to escape because we actually spend too much time thinking and worrying. Obviously, you can’t just “stop thinking” but what you can do is try to focus more on the moment at hand, do more to be in the moment and appreciate where you are and who you are with.  When you take a vacation this should be a time of reflection, a time to reevaluate your goals and your direction.  Yes, you should have fun and you should invest your energy in enjoying every moment—and you can’t do that when your head is so filled with thoughts of home or the past or whatever you are worried about.  


Finally, make sure that you invest whatever time you have in the people who are around.  Your family, your friends, whomever you share this time with make sure it is of great value.