Amongst the most recommended travel destinations in Asia, Myanmar or Burma is probably the hottest draw. The country just opened its door to the world for few years and remains one of the least explored countries in Southeast Asia.

What to see
Myanmar differs from its tropical neighbors for many things: snowcapped mountains, untamed rivers, unspoiled islands and unrivaled temples. While the wild north area roams with towering mountains, as high 5,881m the Mergui archipelago in the south offers some 800 islands, a paradise for diving, kayaking and private beach.


The most famous sites of Myanmar are : Yangon, Inle Lake, Mandalay and Bagan. These sites showcase the beauty of Burmese culture. Bagan studded with over 2,200 pagodas and is linked to Mandalay by the mighty Irrawaddy River. From Mandalay, the north hub with 4 ancient capitals, visitors can explore the British Colonial styled town of Myamyo or enjoy some breathtaking trek in Hsipaw.
Inle Lake is simply a wonderful getaway for those who love to see Burma local life exotically. There are countless chances to spot unique one leg rower fishermen, photographing stilt villages which houses fascinating traditional workshops.
Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar is a quaint, busy city. Thanks to the influence of Indian, Chinese immigrant and the British architectural heritage, Yangon attracts all your senses as you approach the giant pagoda of Shwedagon, walking through China town or tasting curry dishes at some of the famous Indian dishes.

There are so many attractions that you can travel off the tourist crowd. Amongst them, Mrauk U, home to Arakan kingdom is the first option. It boasts awe-inspiring landscape with many historical sites and Royal palace. The second destination is Golden Rock where the culture is deeply exposed.
Those who love adventures will love Lashio, a very remote area filled by waterfalls, great trekking routes and dense forest.

Something you should know
To visit Myanmar, you need to apply for a visa. Myanmar government has created an online gate that you can apply online for pre-arranged visa on arrival. Some local companies also provide visa service with secured policy that if you do not get visa, you will get refund. We also recommend you to check Myanmar Visa requirements before applying.
Border crossing now is a popular way to enter the country. More opening procedure is validated so that you can travel from Thailand with less difficulty.


For weather, generally, Myanmar has tropical weather except for the far north area under the foot of Himalaya range. During the dry season from Oct to April, the weather is hot and cool while the monsoon season comes with heavy rains and interrupts your travel sometimes when it pours.

Myanmar is Buddhism oriented then visiting a temple or pagoda, you need to wear respectfully. Dress and clothes should cover the knee and shoulders. Do not forget to bring a sandal as you will need to take them off very often when visiting any religious site.

The last note is for money issue. Burmese company, service providers still prefer cash to credit card and actually to use credit card you may have to pay a very high fee. It should be much better if you can bring money to pay for your service or at least book your hotels in advance with your credit card.