Perhaps the best park in Arnhem is the Park Sonsbeek. You can get more information on it on the ArnhemLife website. The park is beautiful and large as well, which are perhaps major reasons behind the immense popularity that it enjoys. It has a water museum as well as a number of good eateries where you can sample the local food and satiate your hunger at the same time. It also helps that it plays host to a number of events organized across the year by the city. The best is easily the arts festival. The wonderful springtime ritual of taking the cattle to pasture is held here as well.

Burger’s Zoo and Safaripark

The Burger’s Zoo and Safaripark happens to be a great zoo, in fact perhaps the best of its kind in the entire country of the Netherlands. You can always look up to see if any of the top vegetarian restaurants in Arnhem are located in its vicinity or not. The layout of this zoo is really nice and the aquarium is spectacular as well what with the magnificent sharks as well as different kinds of fishes. If you have little kids you can easily bring them along with you and have them walk the pavements over here.

Stadsblokken Meinerswijk

Stadsblokken Meinerswijk happens to a wonderful place in Arnhem with its bountiful natural reserves. It also helps that it is located right towards the south of the center of Arnhem that happens to be steeped in history. It is also located on the banks of the Nederrijn River. As has been stated already the landscape of this nature reserve is varied. You can always look up the best 2nd hand shops in the region on the internet and maybe some of them could be close to this nature reserve as well!    

Park Angerenstein

As such the Park Angerenstein is located at a fair distance from the center of Arnhem but it still happens to be one of the best of the lot. No matter how much effort you make to visit this one you can be sure that it will be fully worth it. You can always get more information on the guided city tours/ corporate events/ leisure events in the city from the internet. Visiting the park could be a comfortable feeling, to say the least. There is plenty of greenery all around and there are some ponds to soothe your soul as well.


If you looked up any travel blog on Arnhem you would find Warnsborn being mentioned at least once. As such, this wonderful location doubles up as a wedding destination as well but before you take any decision as such it is always better to be careful and have a clear idea of what is in store for you. Since it is located at a height it can get pretty cold during the winters. As such Warnsborn is a park cum forest and so you should definitely enjoy the time that you spend over here.