Noida is one of those places infested with awesome looking buildings and shopping malls but that’s not all. Here’s a list that everyone and anyone, who visits Noida, should check out.

The Botanical Garden


Filled with lushes greenery and amazing varieties of flowers, this definitely worth a check. The Botanical Garden of Noida is a haven for nature and flora enthusiasts. The Garden’s objective is to provide safe refuge to various endangered species of plants and trees, housing some plants whose origins date back to more than 400 million years. Located in sector 38 go and give this awesome a try. Don’t have a bike or are new to the city and want to roam around Noida? Check out for renting bikes in Noida.

Worlds of Wonder Water Park


WOW is exactly what this water park stands for; both literally and figuratively. Also located in Noida Sector 38A this place is a great way to spend time with your friends and family, be they kids or adults, the WOW waterpark has something for all ages to enjoy.

Buddh International Circuit


The Indian Grand Prix is what takes place annually at the Buddh International Circuit. Around 10 km in area this is one attraction that you should go give a visit. If you plan on catching the Grand Prix, try and plan your trip to Noida accordingly. This F1 race track has been certified by the F1 racing’s governing body. This place can be found in Sector 25.

Stupa Art Gallery


Showcasing the beautiful art work of our own Indian artists, this definitely worth a check if you are into that kind of thing. This place is great as people that go here can also purchase the works of artists also, and some even providing the option of giving your own take on them and customizing the painting. Check this place out at Sector 15A.

Golf Course Noida


This beautiful golf course is a great place to try your hand at the sport of golf. Situated in Sector 43 and about as big as any golf field gets, this Golf Course in Noida is well kept and superbly maintained for the best sporting experience. Also having a restaurant, a pool table, rummy table, and its own metro station, it’s one of the best places to kick back, play some golf and then chill. Although quite easily accessible, if you wish to travel from Delhi also, then rent a bike in delhi for one day and get yourself a superbike to get there in style! Definitely worth a check, make the most out of the awesome Golf course.

So get busy living in the moment folks and start getting out there and exploring places, because the world may be smaller right now, but it’s still got a lot to offer!