Plovdiv is the captivating second-largest city in Bulgaria. This amazing place offers various reasons for paying a visit. If you are interested to free tour plovdiv, then you can search through the internet. Some of the convincing factors for which tourists go to Plovdiv are as follows:

Plovdiv is one of the Oldest Cities in the Globe

It was developed according to a number of estimations between 8000 and 6000 years ago. It is not only an old city in Europe but also in the whole world. This wonderful history is not only limited to documents, however, the traces of the ancient existence of Plovdiv can be discovered throughout the place ranging from Ottoman mosques to Ancient Roman theatres.

Plovdiv has been established by the local Thracians and has been conquered by the father of Alexander the Great. During the Middle Ages, the Bulgarian, as well as Byzantine empires, had fought over it for a long time.

Plovdiv’s Museum Night is a Wonderful Source of Inspiration

Although it might have initiated in Berlin as well as it might also be occurred in Sofia (Bulgaria’s capital), the Night of Museums and Galleries of Plovdiv are known as just The Night. Every year in September month, the historic streets of Plovdiv get back life because crowds of new and old generations explore the ancient heritage of the city. All museums along with galleries are free.

Plovdiv’s Old Romantic Town is Just Extraordinary

It is nestled in atop three of the seven hills of Plovdiv and in some way beyond the “regular” streets of the city. The Old Town of Plovdiv is possibly the appropriate place for slowing down as well as unwinding. You can know about free tour plovdiv by the internet sources. You can experience a walk among the colorful architectural masterpieces of the neighborhood from the 18th and 19th century or have a local fresh meal in your preferred classy restaurant.  

The cobblestone streets, bourgeois mansions, fortress gates along with the historic churches of the Old Town have given a perfect atmosphere that can’t be copied by any other Bulgarian city or in further away.

Various other reasons are there for which you should visit Plovdiv and if you are visiting this place, then you need to contact a reliable tourist agency. Before proceeding to select your travel package, don’t forget to compare multiple packages and check the travelers’ reviews for the respect packages.