Certain nice Tallinna restoranid (Tallinn Restaurants) need you to call and reserve the table. You desire to ensure that everything goes well, especially when it is your first dinner date with the most beautiful girl. Moreover, if it is party of 22 to 25 then advance booking allows the restaurant to schedule sufficient staffs, which ensures better customer experience.

While making restaurant reservation


Have information ready

When you phone the restaurant, the information they will need include –

  • Date
  • Time
  • Name of person, who is making the reservation
  • Exact number of guest in your party
  • Contact number – necessary for confirmation
  • Any preferences like near a bar or by the window
  • Specifications like surprise birthday celebration or food allergies or handicap guest. It helps them to be prepared for your needs and likes.

Call in case of changes

Restaurant will make preparations assuming that everything is as you asked for. In case, of changes in guest number, time, date or cancellation, then it is better to call and inform the manager. In case, you are delayed then call them as soon as possible, so that they can accommodate you, even if you are running late.

Be flexible with reservation time for large parties

Reserving at quiet times, when restaurant has less customers then you get best services, especially when you are throwing a party for a large group.


Making reservation for more

Actually, you know the number of people joining the party will be 29 and you booked for 45 people. This can be problematic because the restaurant has taken steps to increase their seating capacity to accommodate everyone and anyone. You are robbing them their customers, which can affect their sales badly.

Difference of 2 people is fine, but 16 people is a huge difference. If you are not sure then discuss this with them and as you book in advance, call them weekly to give updates of people, who will join. Inform them of exact headcount one day before.

Blame the manager for reservation policies

There are some limitations and restriction policies, which need to be adhered. For example, they may inform you that can reserve the table for 1½ or 2 hours on the day and time you request because there is another reservation succeeding after that. It is not the manager’s fault, which you need to understand without getting angry. Ask for possible solution politely and calmly accept the situation, if there are none.

Many people threaten the restaurant or hang up before giving all the necessary information assuming to have a reservation. As they don’t leave their number the restaurant hostess from cannot call them, so don’t hang up in a rush.

Plan early is the mantra

It does not matter, if you are taking a special one for dinner on Mother’s day, New Years Eve, Valentine day or Special holiday. The thing that matters most is to book a table at your preferred Maikrahv restaurant in advance.

Author’s Bio:

This guest post has been written by Stephen Heyer.  Maikrahv is one of the best Tallinna restoranid. However, customers need to make reservations by phone at +372 6314 227. Confirmations are sent by emails. Visit their website https://maikrahv.ee/broneering/ and check the upcoming events or get a peek of the menu for weekend.