You Cannot Carry Your Own Booze

True. The Maldives is a very strict country when it comes to following rules and regulations. This a country which has your entire baggage screened at the airport when you land. All the alcohol from your bag is removed and kept with your name ids attached at the airport. They give it back to you on your way back home. So, instead of making your baggage unnecessarily heavy, enjoy the cocktails from the resort which are curated according to your choice. The resorts even have wine cellars filled with the world’s finest wines.

It’s All About Luxury

False. No doubt the Maldives is divided as local islands and the resorts island, but there are guesthouses and resorts which are not ultra-luxurious and expensive. You can explore these and have the benefits of modern amenities while not spending too much. While making the booking, be sure to book an all-inclusive package, it will surely ease your holiday booking. You can sit back and relax without worrying about the major expenditures and just plan accordingly.

All Islands Have Resorts

False. There are non-resort islands too. You can actually plan an excursion and take a look at the local Maldivian life here. You can enjoy with the locals and they are sure to provide you with some local entertainment. You can even enjoy the local cuisines and the local alcohol made by them, right there, totally fresh. The Maldivian people are known to be loving and really welcoming. So, be assured that you will go back with loads of memories and new friends.

You Cannot Surf in the Maldives

False. This is a myth which most of the tourist carry in mind. Due to the picture of its silent waters, Maldives is mistaken as no surfing sea. But the truth is the opposite. There are portions wherein you can actually take in the full benefits of surfing and enjoy them with utmost content. Apart from surfing, there are all the other sea adventures which you can enjoy to the fullest.

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