Most people get carried away when eating in a fancy restaurant. They tend to make some rookie mistakes when dining at high-end restaurants. Seasoned diners can as well use some good tips on the do’s and don’ts of a fancy or high-end restaurant. Are you wondering about those little mistakes people can make when dining out in a restaurant? Then this guild should give you some enlightenment. The following rules have been selected to guild you and give you the most out of your experience.

Make order from the chef, not yourself

Ordering from yourself rather than ordering from the chef is one mistake most people make at fancy restaurants. I don’t mean substitutes or any other related items. I mean ordering that boring chicken part, which is there just to please boring people. Ensure to order what the restaurant is known for in a progression and manner recommended by the restaurant. In case you are at a steakhouse, then simply get a steak. Or getting a cut of steak they are known for can be a better idea.

Overdressing/under dressing

This is a very serious rookie mistake, and you can easily tell if an individual has dressed for the occasion and also when they feel uncomfortable in their clothes. Act the way you are, come as you are, it always works out at last.

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Always ask questions

This keeps coming up in the thread. We at Rip N Reef don’t care whether you understand what’s in the menu or not. All you need to do is to ask us. You won’t be laughed at. Most staffs (waiting staffs) would be more than glad to assist you with the wine selection. Knowing everything about food and drinks shouldn’t be a competition. If any other guest finds this entertaining, then they haven’t been advised yet on arrogance.

Be polite

You shouldn’t for any reason be rude. And also ensure not to pretend. Don’t ever correct the staff thinking you know more than him/her. Always remember you are just a guest in their house.

Always nod ‘yes’ after tasting the wine

The taste of the wine? You can sip it, smell it or as well do whatever you want, but always ensure to give a positive nod to the server so they can start pouring. Most people make the mistake of just staring blankly trying to figure out what is going on.