Sri Lanka Tourism has been on the rise recently. Travelling here has become easier since 2012 when its government has made eTA Sri Lanka mandatory for stepping into this beautiful and exotic destination. For those who are considering visiting Sri Lanka, we present below some vital tips which would come in handy while planning your tour to this wonderful destination.

It’s safe to travel to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been amidst a brutal civil war from 1983 to 2009 which has almost demolished its tourism industry. However, post its end, the country has stepped up its efforts to invite tourists. Many still believe the country to be a dangerous place, but we can guarantee that it is an absolute haven to travel and experience.

Prepare to go slow

The tourism industry of Sri Lanka is still in the developing phase. The infrastructure is still in the improving phase. Even though the transport is abundant, the travel to this country comprises of tightly winding roads and engine-testing inclines. It leaves you exhausted. Additionally, reaching destinations do take time here. The average traveling speed here is around 12-15 miles per hour. Hiring a sea plane or car with chauffeur are good options in the country to choose.

Go with the intention of relaxing

Sri Lanka is a place to relax and not rave. Barring Colombo and few beach resorts, there are not enough hostels and hotels with dorm rooms. However, there are plenty of family run guest houses which should seriously be looked into and enjoyed. Sri Lanka is fast emerging as an incredible honeymoon destination as well with its nightlife on the beach bars of pepper Arugam Bay on the east coast and Hikkaduwa on the west. However, they tend to be shut during off season. Hence, a prior inquiry is a must.

Sri Lanka can be truly enjoyed, but it must be planned properly with expectations clear. Any wrong timing or impromptu visit can easily turn into a disaster.