A-1 Scuba offers swimming classes for people of all ages. They believe that swimming is an essential skill for a person to have and it is never too late to learn, develop and enhance your swimming skills. And of course, your safety on water, man-made or natural, will be assured as you progress with your swimming lessons with A-1 Scuba. Here’s What to Expect from Swim Lessons offered to you by A-1 Scuba:


Safety First


Before you learn how to save a life on the water, you are also ensured to have your life saved in case of accidents. A-1 not only focuses on their student’s learning but also their safety. Instructors are well-trained and well-aware of their student’s surroundings and so they are equipped with skills such as CPR and other drowning prevention skills in case of emergencies. Each class includes a safety first orientation which they consider as a top priority to avoid any accidents while on water. Parents are also encouraged so that they too can help educate their children on water safety.


Minimum Class for Maximum Learning


Classes are limited to 4 persons so that each person can be given much attention with their swimming lessons. This is also implemented so that the instructor would be fully aware of everyone’s safety during each class. Kids can be a butt load of work sometimes, and it is best to keep an eye on each student for a maximum learning and minimum mishaps.


You Got Our Attention


Learning how to swim can be frustrating sometimes. Here in A-1 Scuba, professional instructors observe each student’s skill level in swimming so that they may be able to group students of the same capability. They aim to encourage and support their students at all times so that they can develop confidence and courage while swimming. So don’t worry about not learning as fast as you think you would. The classes offered to help you improve and develop your swimming skills at your own pace. No need to hurry, relax, learn and enjoy the fun while doing so.


Crystal Clear


A-1 Scuba is also equipped with a pool built to have clear water with its dual filtration system and dual ultraviolet sanitation system which filters another living organism that might be harmful to the swimmers. With this, it also reduces the need for other chemicals for water cleaning like chlorine. The swimmers will enjoy swimming in clean and clear water without the thought of being harmed.

Swimming should be learned by everyone to avoid the risk of drowning. If you still don’t know how to swim, grab the opportunity to join the class in A-1 Scuba. Their high-end facility and professional instructors are sure to give you the best learning experience. What are you waiting for? Book a class and start swimming with A-1 Scuba.