This has all happened to us, usually just after a long, tiring journey: you arrive at the hotel and your room is not ready. What should you do to make the most of a frustrating situation? 
One of the most frustrating experiences of a trip is when you arrive at the hotel, and all you will find is that your room is still under preparation.

So what can you do when you arrive and your room is not ready? Here are some tips for dealing with this disappointment.

Inquire for the customer registration policy and call ahead to confirm.

Although most hotels offer check-in between 13:00 and 15:00, it is better to call ahead to confirm the official check-in policy and see if they can make an exception if you arrive early.

Depending on the season and the day of the week, the vacancy rate of a hotel will vary considerably. The less crowded a hotel, the more likely you will be able to check in early, especially if you call in advance.

Take care for a few hours

If the hotel is full and cannot offer advanced check-in, you (and your traveling companions) may have no choice but to be busy for an hour or two.

  • The first thing to do is to drop off your luggage. Tell the hunter that your room is not ready and that you want to leave your luggage at the hotel time to get some fresh air.
  • Most hotels have a lounge and bathroom on the ground floor for guests to cool off.
  • Once your bags are left, and after a quick passage through the toilet, you have every interest to direct you to sites or nearby attractions.
  • If you’re hungry, take the opportunity to grab a bite to eat and recharge your batteries at the hotel’s restaurant or nearby.

If your room is still not ready after the registration period

If you return to the hotel at the time indicated and your room is still not ready, it may be time to complain to the front desk.

  • For your convenience, most hotels will offer you a kind of upgrade: a discount for a restaurant, spa service or free room service for example.
  • Remember to speak with the hotel manager to make a more formal complaint if you are not offered anything. You have the full right to request a reduction for your room or a replacement compensation for your inconvenience.

Make sure to always plan in advance and check if your hotel room will be ready on your arrival to make your stay as pleasant as possible! That is one thing I love about customer service of Auberge Le Pomerol Montréal. They are always very accurate with this.