For a lot of people, golf is their sport of choice. While watching a number of different sports can be a lot of fun, golfing is often a way that many people choose to spend much of their spare time. But just what is it that is so compelling about the game of golf? Here are some reasons as to why many people enjoy playing golf whenever they can.

Golfers have known for ages that playing golf is a great way to get some light exercise. Eighteen holes of golf, works out as at least a couple of hours spent outdoors, with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Most people don’t like the idea of working out, so golf is often a great way to get much needed exercise, as well as enjoy the great outdoors. The combination of playing a game whilst doing something that is wholesome for the body, makes for an attractive package. Golfing holidays are now becoming more popular than ever and look set to increase in popularity in the future.

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Clearing the Mind of Worries

A golfer will often state that part of the reason people enjoy playing golf is that the sport is a way to clear the mind of day to day worries. While considering which club to use or how to execute a swing, there is not much time to be concerned about job related issues, or some ongoing minor family concerns.

Golfing provides an excellent way to step back from the everyday cares of living, thus giving a much needed break. The cathartic effect provided by hitting a few holes of golf usually makes it easier to work out any difficult situations, and even uncovering a solution after spending quality time away from the matter.

Keeping in Touch

Of all known sports, golfing has become a great way to build social and business contacts. More and more people enjoy playing golf to the point that a sales professional will treat a customer to a Saturday morning of golf. That time spent away from the office and the business environment can let both parties develop a stronger rapport that can turn into a working relationship. People have found better jobs and made new customers while spending time on the golf course.

Just the basic fact that two people both enjoy playing the same sport together can be a foundation for a better future. Many people see the time spent playing on their favourite golf courses as a great way to spend time with family, friends and loved ones. Couples can enjoy playing golf with one another. Siblings can discover that golfing is a wonderful way to keep in touch with one another, in spite of having busy schedules. Friends find that a regular round of golf helps to keep everyone in touch with what is happening in each other’s lives.

Here to Stay

It seems that golf is indeed a sport that has been created as a way of developing human relations and relationships, and that’s why it is here to stay! Fore!